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Best Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

We may all dream of large, luxurious bathrooms. However, the reality might be that there is just not enough space for a double vanity, massive bathtub, and walk-in closets/dressing rooms. However, having a small bathroom does not mean that your bathroom cannot be luxurious! 

Follow these renovation hacks to make your small bathroom more luxurious:

  1. Use Large Scale Patterns: Large scale patterns can make spaces seem larger than it actually is. We recommend using large stripes or large diamond configurations to customize your space.

  2. Mirror the Wall: Putting a large mirror that takes up the entire wall behind the sink allows for multiple people to use the mirror at once. Large mirrors make a space feel larger, too! A large wall mirror can easily be a feature piece with a customized border. Imagine a beautiful mirror with a thin gold border, it could really make the space pop.

  3. Extend Vanity Counter Over the Toilet: This will allow for a little extra counter space that you need. We all know extra counter space can be a girl’s best friend. By adding customized storage accessories on the extended counter, you will have enough space for everything you need.

  4. Mount Towel Bar On The Door: By mounting the towel bar on the door you can save extra wall space that you might need in a small space. With the free wall space, you can include a picture or a cluster of pictures to give the space your personal touch.

  5. Choose a Vanity with Open Shelves: Open shelves offer storage without the hassle of swinging shelves in a small space. People might be nervous about open shelves because they think it might look messier. With just a couple of storage organizers, your space will be functional and organized.

  6. Use a Shower Curtain or Sliding Door: A swinging door can take up space that you just do not have in a small bathroom. Also, a customized shower curtain can really help make the space feel like your own.

  7. Choose a Wall Mounted Faucet: This is another great way to save space since a wall-mounted faucet allows for a smaller vanity. Mounted faucets are very unique and serve as a great conversation piece.

  8. Utilize Random Pops of Color: In a small space, color can be your best friend and your worst enemy. We recommend using an accent color to bring a pop of color to your remodeled bathroom. 

Just because your space is small does not mean that it cannot be amazing. Small spaces often end up being some of the most unique spots in your home. Follow our small bathroom renovation ideas to end up with a one of a kind space! See Our Bathroom Remodels

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